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A Quick Breakdown

What is a Backpack website and what's in it?

The Backpack website is where you go to for all of your Affiliate Links, Marketing, Training materials, sales, commissions and more. This is located at:

Our Back Office has two main websites for you to manage your business. 

The first website is called the Backpack. The second website is called Commissions.

(don't forget to scroll down and see All About Telemedicine)


(Click Here to download a check list to get you started)

What is a sales funnel?

Each product is broken down into its own Sales Funnel. A Sales Funnel is a website with a specific purpose assisting the customer in decision making. The end goal is to have the right product presented to the customer for purchase.

let's get started

1. Once you receive the "Your Backpack is Loaded Up !" email, log into your Backpack and complete your W9 so you can be paid commissions

2. Have a chat with your Enroller to get a lay of the land and guide you through your HAN experience

3. In your Backpack, on the left side of the screen you will see ** START HERE. Watch the videos on the Backpack, commisisons, selling, marketing info, get your affiliates links, etc


4. Complete your W9 so you can receive your commissions.

5. Watch the videos on enrolling a new affiliate. 


During the enrollment process in the funnel, the new affiliate may purchase telemed membership for themselves


Extremely important if you are selling this product:

1. Own The Product

2. Know The Product

3. Use The Product


Best way to learn about the product is to have that doctor in your pocket

6. Once you understand the How To’s, in this same funnel, go over to “Marketing Samples” and click CLICK TO SEE HOW


There you can see and hear our initial elevator pitch…listen, digest and make this your own…modify the words and the approach however you like…this is a starting guide to get you going


There are also instructions on how to create a FB ad, craigslist ad sample…


These areas continue to grow in content

7. Make sure you are a Broker and have a Telemedicine account


Not required, but recommended


Maximize your business and 10x income opportunity with a Broker account


Hard to sell a product you have not used. Purchase a special reduced price Telemedicine account

8. The biggest thing, start talking and start sharing


Share the product…


Share the opportunity


You never know who’s open to a new discussion…

9. Check out this Testimonial from one of our affiliates Keith S.


Be sure to go to our facebook page for All of the full audios of our weekly calls.

9.a Working With Joe: Ask for the Sale

9.b Working With Joe: Stay in contact

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