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all about telemedicine

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New! Getting Started With Your New Telemedicine Plan

let's get started

Check out our Premiere Telemedicine Plan


Direct access to Doctors via a Video Chat Or Phone Call.

Our Key Benefits Include:

- Unlimited Medical Care $0 Co-Pay

- Unlimited Dermatology $0 Co-Pay

- Behavioral Health Counseling and Talk Therapy (deep discounts for members)

- Prescriptions via online doctor visits

- Self Ordered Blood and Lab Test (no doctor office visit needed)

- Rx Member Benefits (extreme Member discounts on prescriptions)

- Personal Electronic Medical Records | EMR

- Personal Healthcost Estimator


Check out our Corporate website with more information:

How long does it take to get an appointment?

How do I setup an appointment?


In just minutes, you can be speaking with a doctor

There are 3 ways to setup an appointment:

1. Our App

2. On your computer from the website:

3. Call our customer support representatives: 888-377-3393

Are there any pre-existing condition restrictions?

There are No pre-existing conditions limitations

What is the Co-Pay For Medical and Derm?

$0 Co-Pay

Can I add a dependant to my account?

Yes. Your entire household is included in your account up to 7 people

Can I get a prescription?

Yes, at the doctors discretion

Are there Pediatricians available?

Yes. We have Pediatricians available even for that 2:00am call

What conditions can Telemedicine Doctors treat?

This list is growing every day. Click Here to learn more

Are there discounted Lab Tests available?

Yes. Click Here to see the thousands of tests available at tremendous discounts

Is this insurance?

No. We are not insurance. This is a membership plan. Similar to a gym membership. 


There are no long term contracts in place. Plans are monthly

What else should I know?

- Use in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands

- Doctors have at average 15+ years experience

- We have doctors available speaking over 130 languanges

- The appointment will be with a doctor licensed in the state you are calling from

- You can choose a doctor or accept first available

- Available 24/7 and every day of the year

- The plan may be used for video chats and phone calls with our doctors. This is not to use at an in person visit at a doctors office, urgent care or ER

- You can select the gender of the doctor

Can families and individuals buy our Telemedicine plans?


Family and Individuals. This is an excellent Healthcare plan for those who have no health insurance.


For those with health insurance, this is a great supplemental benefit at a low cost to have available access to doctors 24/7 in any state.


Click Here to see our retail family/individual plan

Can Employers purchase Telemedicine plans for their employees?


Yes. Employers purchase plans for their employees for 3 reasons:

1. As their Primary Healthcare plan

2. As a supplemental add on to their Insurance plan

3. Recruiting tool


Click Here to see our Employer plan

Telemedicine For Employers

Agent with unbelievable story

Live call with Customer now Agent

Live customer guest speaker on our weekly call

What Mom Says about Health Alliance Network will shock you

Emailed Testimonial


I placed a call with MDLive with a health management question. I was interested in:


1. Could I use MDLive for a health management issue

2. How was the response received from the doctor


The response call took about 3 minutes. The doctor (Doctor B) was well aware of my particular issue. We talked about different types of potential medications. We discussed long term medicine application. He was well versed in my issue even though he was an internist and not a specialist. 


 We spoke for about 15 minutes and even discussed his weather (he is located in North Texas and was in the area of the tornados). 


 I found Doctor B to be engaging, very knowledgeable about my issue and most willing to take the time to provide great advice.


Health Alliance Network is everything we say it is and more.

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