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We know your enroller has already welcomed you, so let us be the 2nd and 3rd ones to Welcome you to "Team Health Alliance".


Here's a BIG WELCOME from the founders Steve Utley, CEO and Steve Sellars, COO of Health Alliance Network.


We believe it's important for you to know how it all began and where we are today, watch this Quick Video


When we say "Team" we mean Team. Everyone at Health Alliance Network is engaged, enthused and lives with an entrepreneurial spirit within. We have one goal "Bring Affordable and Accessible Healthcare" to everyone. Now, you are a big part of that goal.


Got Questions? Reach out to your enroller or just respond to this email.


We are working on your Backpack. That's where the cool stuff to help you run your business is. Once your Backpack account is setup, you will receive an email explaining how to access the account and start your journey.


Telemedicine is the future of all things Healthcare. I mean, who wants to sit in a doctors office and wait... and wait... and wait...


The window of opportunity for explosive growth at Health Alliance Network has never been greater.


There is no greater opportunity for personal growth and change than now. This is an unprecedented window of opportunity to pair your passion with a purpose.


We have done all the heavy lifting. You simply build the relationship and we do the rest, we call it "Share and Earn". You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. We let you do what you do best... build relationships.

• No License Needed

• Operate in all 50 states

• Work from Anywhere

• We do all the collecting and pay you the monthly residuals

• Most powerful way of earning money. Residuals that can pay you monthly for the life of the customer

• Ability to build your own team and a residual income that you can retire on

• Less overhead, no liability and no employees

• Complete control over your time, income and destiny. You decide How, When and Where you work.


We handle the software, we handle the collections, we handle the bookkeeping, we handle the compliance, we provide the products, we provide the Agent website, we provide the support team, we provide a nationwide network of doctors and licensed professional counsellors. We provide the genius behind this business model and you build the relationships that you can thrive on.


Pause just for a moment.... and think about what you have in the palm of your hand. You have access to and can "provide others access to" an array of U.S. Board Certified Physicians and Specialist. It's like having a beach house you can share with everyone (for a nominal fee of course). That should make you the most popular kid on the block.


Our business model is for those who agree that helping others and earning along the way is a great way to pair your passion with a purpose.


We have a complete Video library at your disposal. Visit our YouTube Channel at


Want to know what to expect next? Click Here to learn more.


Join HAN TALK (our FB support group) at


Become a FAN at


Helping you live your best life...

Steve Utley, CEO/CFO - Founder

Steve Sellars, COO/CTO - Founder

Health Alliance Network, LLC

"anyone can recognize an opportunity, the difference is acting on an opportunity"

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