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compensation plan


44% to 58% Payouts

We created 4 Paylines to Maximize your earnings.  Get paid for your personal sales, plus overrides on 3 other Pay Lines.

Live your "best life" the Health Alliance Way

There are No Solo Acts

If someone tells you they got where they are all by themselves, they're lying. Don't believe them, and don't buy what they're selling. None of us get where we're going alone. There are times of solitude and loneliness on the entrepreneurial, creative, artistic, professional, and personal pathways, but you're not alone. There is a crowd of people cheering you on, opening doors, and walking next to you, to keep fighting for you, to keep moving you forward to help you make your dreams come true


A Well Thought Out Plan

This has got to be the #1 Business and Business Opportunity on the planet.  No one has created the opportunity that Health Alliance Network has.   A true "plug-n-play" business that allows you to work how, when and where you want

Welcome to Health and Wealth Building!

Line by Line Chart of Commissions and Overrides

Here is a quick overview of the commissions and overrides you can receive.  The dollar amount in the grid represents the amount you would earn on personal sales and team sales every time a team member enrolls a new customer.  Best of all, our compensation plan is recurring and residual for the life of the customer. Just one customer could earn you a lifetime of income for you and your family

Look at the far right column below (orange), as a Broker you get massive overrides on the entire team

HAN Commission Grid V2.png

Residual income is not the result of a job or hourly wages—it requires an investment of either time or money with the objective of earning on-going revenue

The "One Page" Comp Plan

Our compensation plan is so straight forward, so simple and so transparent some people are calling it absolute genius.

The gift that keeps on giving! (residual income)

Straight Talk about Commissions

The Health Alliance Network Compensation Plan is an industry-disrupting compensation method designed to

pay our Team Members the highest amount for their sales, and the highest overrides on their team sales. This compensation methodology is so unique, it is best explained as the first and only "multi-line" sales compensation plan in the industry.

The Health Alliance Network Compensation Plan is designed to overcome the most prevalent tricks and "fine print" that take away from the commissions of other companies. From our optimal placement of sales commissions and rewards the Health Alliance Network compensation to its Team Members is mathematically the highest payout of any other compensation plan known to date.

This document is not intended for recruitment or marketing purposes, but to be a straightforward explanation of how the compensation plan works for each of you

Month after Month after Month

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