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Marketing Ideas

And Tons Of Videos

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these are Suggestions Only. 

There are many opportunities to market at no cost.

Run Your business Your way.


(Don't forget to add your Affiliate link whenever sharing)

Different Marketing Thoughts

1. Social Media Posts (facebook, twitter, Instagram, linked in, etc)

2. Share with people you know

3. Host webinars

4. Purchase Ads

5. Handout flyers/rackcards/business cards

6. Press Releases-contact your local media outlet

** New! Campaigns and emails we have sent


A collection of campaigns and emails over the last year

Click Here for Campaigns

Each product is broken down into its own Sales Funnel. A Sales Funnel is a website with a specific purpose assisting the customer in decision making. The end goal is to have the right product presented to the customer for purchase.

>> ** New! Janet's Personal Presentation Deck! <<


Janet is one of the top Brokers in HAN. See the report she uses at each presentation.

** New! "Bridging the Gap" to high quality healthcare


Share this presentation with Employers, Groups, Agents, Media,...

** New! Report: HAN Cost Savings Deck



Share this presentation with Employers, Groups, Agents, Media,...

Learn the 7 Word Elevator Pitch


"I'm in the health and wealth business"


Watch and read full pitch script

Campaign Text Messages


Use some of the campaign titles to start your own texting campaign. Be sure to include your affiliates links.


- Even if you have Health Insurance, you gotta see this


- 66% Off Healthcare


- FINALLY afforadable healthcare of the highest quality and service


- Changes to Open Enrollment 2021


- Simple Money Making, Time Flexible Business For You

- The $14.99 Offer is Live! Grab it Here


- The Biggest Healthcare Disrupter since 1925


- Give your Clients a Telehealth Option they can afford


- The Best Investment I Ever Made


- Fall Wellness with $4.95 Lab Test at Quest!


- No CoPay Healthcare... it's here from Health Alliance Network


- Add This To Your Book Of Business

Craigs List Sample Posting Business Opportunity


Telemed Marketing Image samples

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Telemed videos to shARE


affiliate videos

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